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The feeling of personal failure

I just submitted an essay that was not only a day late but rushed and too under the word limit. Just one month ago I also submitted an essay one day late from the same unit fortunately at the word limit. I feel terrible still.

This semester being the first one of my third year has gone horribly wrong compared to my previous years. I have yet to fail a unit so why am I complaining? I just know I am better than this. Sure I was sick and that I am still in the process of moving house during this last of week of “everything is due” but really it comes down to me, not the external events.

An essay that you have ample time to work on? Play Dota 2 instead.
A video editing exercise worth only 30%? Eh better not hand it in.
A group member that needs something from you? Yeah, later.

So many times where if I simply sat down and worked for at the very least 30 minutes, I could have avoided this personal failure. Everything would be better and I wouldn’t feel like shit typing this.

To those skimming over this seeing this as “another story”, I don’t blame you, there are plenty of posts like this but you’ve managed to read this far. I’m just writing this for the sake of getting this out of my system and to realise what exactly I’ve done and everything I’ve failed to do.

So here’s a wake up call to yourself Josh. Wake up and do something about this.

Esbe - Like This

Bad day? Keep your head up, maybe tomorrow will be better.

KOAN Sound & Asa - This Time Around (ft. Koo)

Out of the Sanctuary album, this track stands as my favourite.

Link to iTunes

Let it go

Ancient disrupts Tenno

Words could not describe the immense pain as my energy force was drained but there was no time to stop, not even for a second of revenge. In every direction were products of the Technocyte virus all converging to meet with us. We were both severely damaged and making haste towards extraction the Lotus had marked for us. Every door would creak from the derelict state of the vessel opening and closing just in time as we’d rush through… All but one re-opened.

Tenno presses hands against door

Turning around I frantically tried to pry it open yet there was no change from the illuminated glow of red. I could hear the horde advancing with full force despite all the gunfire from my fellow Tenno.

"Maeko, please just run."

Not a trace of life was in that voice. Tears never ceased to flow down my face. I couldn’t give him his final blessing.


A bit of backstory here. Warframe held a competition where the community had to create a bit more of lore only using a maximum of 5 images and paragraphs. I just submitted mine an hour before the deadline as I only found out about it 2 hours before that deadline.